butterfly Morpho didius
Cueva Mariposa
butterfly Morpho didius
El Olivar

The Sanctuary 

- Heal -

Cueva Mariposa is a Sanctuary

We will soon be offering holistic health therapies and treatments for mind, body, and spirit.

There will be a variety of therapies, treatments and workshops available.

Special guests that specialise in alternative, holistic and spiritual practices.


- Learn -

Join our Bio Garden group and keep up to date on the go. You can connect with our Friends, Share and comment on posts. You will also find lots of useful information and links to help you in your own garden


- Share -

Cueva Mariposa is a GiveLove organisation.

We provide Volunteers with Accommodation, Nutrition, Education, Job and life skills. 

Upcoming Events

  • Water Ram Construction
    Sat, Apr 11
    Bio Garden
    Apr 11, 2020, 10:00 AM
    Bio Garden , Olivar de Ferrez, 10, 18860 Olivar, Granada, Spain
    This time we get together to build a water ram. Apart from the materials used to make it, its completely ECO!
  • Building The Polytunnel - Out of Bamboo!
    Mar 05, 2020, 10:00 AM
    Bio Garden, Olivar de Ferrez, 10, 18860 Olivar, Granada, Spain
    How Organic is that! A controlled growing space made from the remnants of winters anual shedding. The Japanese have used it for centuries. Now its our turn.