The Cueva Mariposa Sanctuary 

Bio Garden and Community Project

Hi, I am Marcus, i'm also well known as Mariposa.

A born and bred Londoner, EndEnder, and Romani Gypsy heritage to boot...

Who has had a HUGE love affair with Spain since before I can remember. 

I also have dream...AND a plan! I now live in Andalusia, Granada.

In a beautiful Geo-park, Surrounded by centuries old family history and unbelievable natural landscapes. 


As a young boy my heart had always been with nature and helping people to be the best they can be. No matter their walk of life. I was born and bred in the East end of London, where luckily, I had enough green spaces around me, which helped me thrive in not so fruitful surroundings. I could go on and tell you about "my sad life story," most of us have one, but I won't. I am grateful for that journey, as its brought me here as I am today - A student of the natural world, an educator, a creative, and artistically minded. Who's ambition is to give, and live in peace. To give love in the world with a massive emphasis on, and with nature - as the priority. Whilst growing up i was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with similar souls. They had Empathy, green fingers and or they loved animals, like I did. I learnt a lot.

Thank you life path teachers!

I have been dreaming up and creating plans in my mind since I was that young boy, and what that dream of 'the or my" future would or could be. The plan was never just for me and i knew that from the start. It always involved others. Humanity, and the natural world. To work with and not against. (mother nature or each other) I never cared for money, and when i did it was for a cause that was dear to my heart, not personal gain or fame, even though I had several opportunities for that and walked away! i've always created safe, fun spaces for people to enjoy and learn. To heal, to love and share, to protect nature and enhance it in the process. "My spaces don't have TV's, They have books, Music, Art material. Lights, Candles, Water and Flora. Creating environments to connect with each other or with ourselves. And to disconnect too. There are spaces for mediation and healing.

Now I have the property and the land. The passion, drive and the skills. What I need most of all now is an injection of love from the worldwide community, to help me/us make this dream a reality. Oh and of course donations. Lots of love and donations....

...From those donations we will be able to purchase materials for renovating the cave house and outbuildings, A polytunnel for the Bio Garden for growing and a large variety of vegetables and plants all year round. I am in desperate need of extra hand tools and a Pond Liner, Compost, Seeds, Materials for fencing and making the gardens safe and secure for all, below I will go in to more detail. 

Cueva Mariposa is a Sanctuary...


Cueva Mariposa Sanctuary is so happy that soon we be able to offer holistic health,

and treatments for mind, body, and spirit.

There will be a variety of therapies, treatments and workshops available.

Special guests that specialise in alternative, holistic and spiritual practices. 

A Bio Garden


The grand plan is to create Bio Gardens for education, and to be self reliant on food. Craft projects will be a daily event. To build what we can from the land. Learning and teaching each other as we go. The basics to get the garden project underway have already started, Check out Bio Garden Group to see the progress so far


I want to eventually have a few grow houses for controlled growing spaces, but first of all we need one larger Polytunnel to grow most of what we need as seedlings and to raise plants for growing out on the land for use in the main house. 

A Volunteer and Community Group 


What are we about?


You've got the gist of it by now but if not - Volunteers from Helpstay and WorkAway come to stay with us for an allocated period. Some single days, some 5 days, and some are residents for month or more. They come and share their knowledge, kills and experiences *in exchange for accommodation and basic meals. They help us create and maintain the Bio Garden and help renovate the main house and caves. 



Why crowdfund?


Most of the money we had was spent on the land and cave house. There is some cash left for materials and living costs, for a period . Until the house has been renovated we are unable to rent out any spaces at The Sanctuary and earn a living. We all need that!

Your Impact


Any contribution you make will go straight back into the project, wether it be volunteering or a cash donation or a donation of materials, food stuff etc. You will be sent regular updates on the ongoing projects and where donations go. 

Other ways you can help

- By volunteering your time and skills to our projects.

- By helping with online content.

- Spreading the word, via social media or word of mouth.

- Exchange Skills and Knowledge.

- Donations of; tools, seeds, materials, Links etc.


As a thank you for donations we are able to offer you some rewards, from the heart,

as a way of saying thank you, in what ever form they come.


Thank you for reading my story. I hope you are able to help in some way.

Marcus Lucas - aka

Mariposa 🦋