Its been a few... Months, Weeks, Day's!

September 2019

Yes, it feels like we've been going backwards!

Since finding and purchasing Cueva Mariposa last year there has been a time-lapse of input on the digital front. (okay pretty much nonexistent) - I can only apologise for that. It's not that easy you know, i can multi-task, but geez! Things never go as planned, do they? No matter how organised you are, or think you are!

The house has come on leaps and bounds, but mostly in the spiritual sense. So far we have spent the time clearing, cleaning and organising the spaces as they will be used later. They too have changed several times. We have also been feeling and living with its history in mind. Taking our time, trying to respect and retain what was, what could have been and what will be. How can you not respect a possible 1000 years of history? We are careful and mindful of what walls and or doorways to Knock through in the "new part". And believe me when I say I thought I’d done all of that part last October. 🤷‍♂️ Taking down (what was going to be the bathroom) wall last month, now will be the dining room as it now connects directly to the back garden which previously only accessible via the front of the house or through a small cubby hole doorway.

Jacinto was the previous owner. I can see what he was doing at the house just before he passed. Bless him trying to restore it at his ripe old age! Trooper!

So for now we are living in a mock up version of what will be.

Until next time!

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