Week one - let the games begin!

September 2019

The day started early. (Or late) And I hadn’t had much sleep due to last little fiesta I gave myself the night before and so found myself awake doing the last little buts at 5am, having had only 3 hours sleep. Why do I do it to myself I hear that voice saying. Then the other one saying - because you never know when your last party will be after Monday!

Well I arrived in good time to granada on Monday only to find there was no electricity. Why not! My heart sank as the taxi drove past the house only for me to see the red light flashing on the electric meter outside the house - How horrible the next few days would be. Without power.

I then go to turn the boiler on, and that’s not even there! Wow, could my arrival get any worse! Bienvenidos!

That same night someone tried to break in via the upstairs terrace. I thought I heard an animal upstairs but the louder the banging got I realised it was a human! They literally ripped the door and the frame away from the wall - while I’m in the house! scared much 😬 With no lights. No internet. And both mobiles are flat. Crap! Help? I did call the police, they called me several times as they couldn’t find the house. I gave up on expecting them to arrive around 4:45 am. So I decided to barricade myself in to the back cave for the night as I was toltally knackered. I thought well I’m that tired, if you want me or my stuff that bad, come eat me. 😂

Good Night!

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